I.          Preliminary considerations. Considerations:

A.    The eternal state is referred to in 2Pet.3:12 as “the day of God”, which “day” is immediately preceded by the dissolution of the present creation.  Cf.Rev.20:11; 21:1

B.     “The day of God” is differentiated from “the day of the Lord”.  Cf.2Peter.3:10  See the Doctrine of the Day of the Lord

C.    The eternal state is the second and final phase of the kingdom of God on earth with the first phase fulfilled in the era of “the day of the Lord” being exactly 1000 years in duration.  Cf. Rev.20:2-7 cp.1The.5:2; 2The.2:2; 2Pet.3:10

D.    That the battle of Armageddon ushers in the first phase of God’s kingdom that will ultimately bring about the eternal state, it is called “the war of the great day of God, the Almighty” to emphasize the victory of God’s kingdom (both phases) over Satan.  Rev.16:14

E.     Between the conclusion of the 1000 years and the onset of the eternal phase of the kingdom is the Gog and Magog rebellion, the casting of Satan into the Lake of Fire, the resurrection of all unbelievers, the dissolution of the present creation, and the Great White Throne Judgment.  Cf.Rev.20:3,7-15

F.     After this God creates a new heaven and earth beginning the eternal phase of the kingdom on earth.  Cf.Rev.21:1ff

G.    The thrust of this study is to identify the subjects of redeemed humanity that will reside in the eternal phase of the kingdom including residence in the New Jerusalem and its peripheral nations of Rev.21:24.

H.    It will be shown that redeemed humanity in the eternal phase consists of two distinct categories:

1.   Resurrected saints from the preceding dispensations, not including the millennium, who will reside in the New Jerusalem.

2.   Humanity existing in a state very similar to that of Adam and Eve before they sinned as the occupants of the nations.

I.       Those existing under eternal life in a natural body will be ruled by those that reside in the New Jerusalem in resurrection bodies such as Jesus Christ currently possesses.

J.      Those that start up the eternal civilization will consist of believers brought over into the eternal state from the millennial age in natural bodies, just as those who make up the millennial phase are those who survive the tribulation, including both Jews and Gentiles in both instances.

II.                Believers in the millennium do not share in the first resurrection based on the proper interpretation of Rev.20:4-5.

A.    The primary focus of these two verses is tribulational martyrs.

B.     They are resurrected at the 2nd Advent, along with OT saints (cf.Dan.12:13), and like the church, these reign with Christ during the millennial phase.

C.    The sentence in vs.5 that reads “the rest of the dead did not come to life until the thousand years were completed” is a reference to the resurrection of all unbelievers from all dispensations.

D.    This understands that unbelievers, as well as believers, receive resurrection bodies.  Cp.Joh.5:28-29

E.     Unbelievers constitute “the second resurrection” further identified contextually undergoing the “second death”.  Cf.Rev.20:6 cp.vss.11-15 esp.vs.14

F.     The rest of the dead” do not refer to millennial saints as this statement is a parenthetical commentary.

G.    The first resurrection consists of the following categories of persons: (1) Jesus Christ the first fruits; (2) Church age believers taken at the Rapture; (3) tribulational saints that die and (4) OT saints raised during the 75 days between the 2nd Advent and the onset of the millennium.

H.    There is no citation in Revelation that refers to the resurrection of millennial saints.

III.             Conditions in the Eternal State and the New Jerusalem:

A.    A new heaven and earth are created after the dissolution of the present creation and after the resurrection and GWT judgment of unbelievers.  Cf.Rev.21:1 cp.20:11; Isa.65:17; 66:22; 2Pet.3:13

B.     The descent of the New Jerusalem from the 3rd heaven onto the new earth immediately follows.  Rev. 21:2,10 cp.Heb.11:10

C.    The New Jerusalem is in part a symbolic beacon representing God’s victorious plan for salvation and victory in the A/C bringing about the eternal state.  See the Doctrine of the New Jerusalem

D.    It properties are both spiritual and physical and designed for literal habitation along with the new earth. 

E.     The new earth has no ocean and is therefore all land mass; the size of the new earth is not specified.  Rev.21:1b cp.20:13

F.     The city is in the shape of a cube some 1400 miles in three dimensions.  Rev.21:15-16

G.    The city’s wall is some 216 feet thick.  Rev.21:17

H.    The city has 12 entrances, three on each side (N,S,E, and W) and each gate consists of a gigantic pearl, and on each pearl is the name of one of the 12 tribes of Israel.  Rev.21:12-13, 21a

I.       Dimensions of the gates are not given though the angel measured them. Cf.21:15

J.      The makeup of the wall is crystalline gold with Jasper (green) according to the ancient stone, not the modern jasper.  Rev.21:11,18

K.    The city has 12 visible foundations made of 12 precious stones inscribed with the names of the 12 Apostles.  Rev.21:14, 19-20

L.     The city’s street(s) consists of transparent gold paving.  Rev. 21:21b

M.   The city contains no temple building as God the Father and the Lamb are its temple.  Rev.21:22

N.    The city (and earth) has no need of an artificial light source such as the sun or moon or lamp.  Rev.21:23; 22:5

O.    God’s essence/glory is the source of all light for humanity within and without the city.  Cf.Rev.21:24

P.     The day-night cycle will be no longer as there will be only endless daylight supplied by the very same glory that was in the Most Holy Place and exists in heaven above.  Rev. 21:25 cp.vs.11a

Q.    God’s eternal throne that exists in heaven above will be relocated within the New Jerusalem; and on it will reside the visible manifestation of God the Father and the Lamb.  Rev.22:3; cp. Rev.4:3; 5:13; 6:16; 7:10.

R.    From the throne of co-occupancy will flow a river of water that will exit the city on the east side, as is the case with the millennial river of Eze.47:1-12.  Rev.22:1-2

S.      The river will run down the center of the golden boulevard and on each side of this river will be trees that bear 12 kinds of fruit corresponding to the 12 months of the old lunar system.  Rev.22:2

T.     These trees bearing a different fruit in a 12 month cycle will act like a clock to gauge eternal time.

U.    The leaves of the trees will be “for the healing of the nations”, that is, those people residing outside the New Jerusalem.

IV.             Relationship between the residents of the city and those living on the outside of the city.

A.    Those living within the city constitute resurrected saints from the first three dispensations beginning with Adam as these all fall under what is called “the first resurrection.”

B.     Resurrected saints serve God as priests and rule over the balance of humanity as they did in the millennial phase where the two groups lived side by side. Rev.5:10; 20:6 for tribulational martyrs; 20:4

C.    The balance of humanity in both phases of the kingdom are organized into nations, and these nations will be the subjects of those residing within the city.  Rev.21:24 “The nations will walk by its light, and the kings of the earth will bring their glory into it/her.”

D.    The gates of the city will be eternally open so there will be a constant stream of visitors coming and going.  Rev. 21:25-26

E.     Angels will guard each entrance so all that pass do so under the rules governing humanity in the eternal state.  Rev.21:12

V.                Problem with the mortal millennial saints and their place on the new earth.

A.    Since the millennial saints will not come under a resurrection of immortality but exist in natural bodies there must be some mechanism whereby they can overcome the STA and death gene.

B.     In other words, to reverse the process that was set in motion when Adam ate of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

1.      When Adam ate there was something about that particular fruit that caused a genetic effect resulting in the sin nature and the ageing gene.  See the doctrine of OSN/STA

2.      There is explicit evidence that eating of the Tree of Life would have conferred immortality to the natural body had man ever eaten of it.  Cf.Gen.3:22 cp.vs.24

3.      In other words, the fruit of that tree contained something that would perpetuate physical life in an otherwise mortal body indefinitely.

4.      It is apparent from Gen.3:22 that even a person with a sin nature and the death gene could have lived forever had anyone managed to eat of the fruit before the Flood (a picture that is not very appealing to say the least! Wonder how many idiots tried to get past the angelic guards and the whirling flaming sword in the 1656 years between Adam and the flood).

5.      Adam and Eve were forcibly driven from the garden.  Gen.3:24

6.      If it seems incredible that eating of a particular and special category of fruit could have the effect that these two trees had, then it is just incredible.

C.    The first generation of millennial saints to inhabit the new earth will come on the scene with eternal life, having believed during their time on the first earth, but with bodies that are temporal/mortal.

1.      A change must occur for them to live (and propagate) forever as Adam and Eve could have done had they obeyed God in the garden and eaten of the Tree of Life at some point.

2.      The answer is in the text and the phrase that refers to “the leaves for the healing of the nations” in Rev.22:2.

3.      If a botanical substance (e.g. fruit) could produce DNA alteration, then why could there not be an antidote to correct in this case the ISTA and death gene?

4.      As noted in Eze.47, a corresponding river and a boulevard of trees exist in the millennial phase with leaves of therapeutic potency.  Cf.Eze.47:12 “And by the river on its bank, on one side and on the other, will grow all trees for food (nutrition only benefit). Their leaves will not wither (perennial fruit trees, unheard of!) and their fruit will not fail. They will bear every month because their water (miracle water) flows from the sanctuary (millennial temple), their fruit will be for food and their leaves for healing (in this case as a super herb for healing disease).”).

5.      The nations coming into the millennium will be required to utilize the leaves to reverse the physiological effects within their DNA and correspondingly eat of the fruit so they can inherit immortality in their bodies to correspond to soulish immortality gained via the salvation adjustment.

6.      If God perpetuates divine institution numbers 2 (marriage) and 3 (children) as could have happened had Adam and Eve obeyed God in the time of their innocence, then the offspring of the first generation would be born without the indwelling STA obviating the judgment of spiritual death.

7.      All that would be required of eternal generations is that they eat of the fruit of Trees of Life existing within the New Jerusalem (these individuals would be free from all aspects of the curse and would be born not needing faith in Christ).

8.      Finally, God is fully capable of bringing mortal humanity into the eternal state through the void (e.g., time between the dissolution and new creation).

D.    With this scenario in place we see that God’s original purpose beginning with Eden is not frustrated, even though a new path had to be blazed so to speak.

1.      What God had intended as His directive will in the garden will be realized in the eternal phase of the kingdom

2.      The millennial phase sets the stage and provides humanity to bring in Paradise Restored or Regained under even superior conditions.

3.      The usual thinking is that when Adam fell God was compelled to abandon His original plan.

4.      Not so, we will witnesses two kinds of immortality existing within the ages of eternity future.

E.     The nations will exist sin free basking in the Shekinah glory with never a care and being productive as they build societies and civilization and bring the products of that glory into the eternal city.

VI.             Comparisons and Contrasts between the Millennial Phase and the Eternal Phase of the Kingdom.

A.    In both phases the resurrected saints will rule over the rest of mortal humanity.

B.     Resurrected saints and mortals will interact.

C.    Satan and his malignant influences are not present as he is either in the abyss below or the lake of fire.

D.    Saints who are mortals start up both civilizations.

E.     Both periods enjoy the benefits of a river flowing with trees for the benefit of the nations.  Cf.Eze.47:12

F.     No curse in the eternal phase meaning there will be no pain in childbirth, or work by the sweat of the brow, or acclimating to an authority with an STA.

G.    The curse will be softened significantly during the 1000 years.

H.    God will wipe away all tears from those coming into the eternal state from the millennium.  Rev.21:4; Isa.25:8

I.       Death will no longer be a factor in the eternal phase.  1Cor.15:26; Rev.21:4

J.      Both Jews and Gentiles will exist in either resurrection bodies or natural bodies.

K.    Faith will exist in the millennium but faith is not an issue in the eternal state.

L.     Men are required to make the adjustments to God during the 1000 years but not in “the day of God.”

M.   Millennial saints who may die will undergo resuscitation so they can enter the eternal state and participate in the nations that come to Jerusalem.

N.    Nations do homage and bring gifts to Christ ruling in Jerusalem during the 1000 years and will do the same in the eternal phase.

O.    The eternal state will witness no rebellion or negative volition such as will occur in the transitional phase (the Day of the Lord cp.Rev.20:7-10).

P.     God’s very throne will be on earth while in the millennial era the throne of David will be occupied by Christ, the son of David (in eternity they will be combined).

Q.    The Father’s throne remains in the 3rd heaven during the 1000 years.

R.    The eternal state is a very amped-up version of the 1000 years.

S.      The STA and death genes are eradicated in the eternal state, while longevity is increased in the millennium.

VII.          Further observations:

A.    Resuscitation is never a problem for God as He will do it as late as the return of the two witnesses (Rev.11:3ff).

B.     Humanity propagating forever is apparently not a problem as that was God’s intention when He placed Adam and Eve in the garden and granted them procreative powers.

C.    Reversing the negative physiological aspects of the original sin is not out of the question if God created the dynamic in the first place.

D.    A superior form of humanity coexisting with an inferior form of humanity is not a problem as it clearly so exists during the millennial phase.

E.     All mankind will have access to God and His throne which will fulfill God’s desire to dwell among His people.

F.     God will literally shine on everyone as all will live in the light of His perfect essence.

G.    That people with sin natures will initially enter the eternal state is not a problem if God lets Satan come before the throne in heaven.  Cf.Job 1:6; 2:1 cp.Rev.12:10b

VIII.       Some concluding verses:

A.    With the eternal phase will come about the ultimate result of the prayer petition: “Your kingdom come Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.  Mat.6:10

B.     For the royal family we have Eph.2:7 “so that in the ages to come He might show the surpassing riches of His grace in kindness toward us in Christ Jesus”, and to the churches Rev.2:7 “To him who overcomes (e.g., believers), I will grant permission to eat of the tree of life, which is in the Paradise (e.g. New Jerusalem) of God.”, and Rev.3:12 “He who overcomes, I will make him a pillar (e.g. regular and permanent fixture) in the temple of My God, and he will not go out from it anymore, and I will write on him the name of My God, and name of the city of My God, the new Jerusalem, which comes down from My God, and My new name.”

IX.             Final observations:

A.    Heaven above (as is hell below) is a temporary place to be replaced with eternal happiness for God’s people on a new earth as related to a new city, the New Jerusalem.

B.     Those in heaven in their souls are currently under semi-ultimate sanctification.

C.    The new earth under the eternal regime will experience an ever expanding human race as God’ original intention in the Garden will be realized.

D.    Apart from the Person and Work of Jesus Christ none of this would be possible.

E.     The Lord Jesus Christ restores fully what Adam forfeited.

F.     Had Adam not sinned there would have been no need for a Savior as the race would have been born sinless and the A/C would have then and there been resolved.

G.    Had Adam done what he was supposed to have done the spiritual history of man would have been quit different.

H.    Satan and his angels would have been cast into the lake of fire at that time.

I.       So Christ restores what Adam forfeited and God’s purpose is realized in those that live outside the city in natural but immortal bodies.

J.      Those that reside in the city reign over those on the outside enjoying the fellowship of those that periodically visit the New Jerusalem.

K.    Those that live as Adam might have are the product of the millennial saints which means someone living today and surviving the tribulation could enter the eternal phase of the kingdom in there natural body.

L.     Adam and Eve will live under the superior conditions as resurrected saints!

M.   No curse means no death, no pain in childbirth, as well as all those other negatives man is beset by.