Requesting Publications

We have available printed doctrines, class notes (exegesis) of the current book of the Bible we are studying and cassette tapes available of the teaching corresponding with the doctrines and class notes. These doctrines are formatted to HTML, WORD, and PDF. If you are unable to download these items, just e-mail us with your request and we will send it to you via an e-mail attachment. Please restrict your e-mail request to one doctrine each. In addition, unless you have Greek and Hebrew fonts available from Bible Works 4.0, the words with these fonts will appear as indiscernible. If you are interested in downloading these fonts, you may make a request for them from

Our cassette tapes and publications are available free of charge. Our church operates based on free will giving by believers (2Cor.9:7). As long as we have the funds to reproduce the printed notes and tapes we are happy to share them with you. We ask that you request no more than 5 tapes per request.

You may send in your request via e-mail.

Digital Audio Files of Classes

Audio Recordings

Miscellaneous Material